Studs Blue Topaz Emerald Cut Running Earrings Sterling Silver 5x7mm Erllo Gemstone



Specification: Metal: 925 Sterling Silver, Metal Color: Platinum, Character of the Main Stone: Natural Blue Topaz, Finish: Polished and Brilliant, Diamond: Oval Shape, Color of the Stone: Natural Sky Blue

Perfect for any occasion, necklaces are used in various conditions, from simply adding a stylish accessory to symbolizing a life-long commitment. A necklace is the most symbolic piece of jewelry, especially with its ties to love, commitment and marriage.

The necklace is modern and classical type which means Eternal Love. we make the link between antiquity and contemporary fashion. exclusive craft and polishing,and high quality materials, affordable price and luxurious appearance.

This is a gift with a velvet box which you can gifted to your wife, girlfriend, fiancee or yourself!and which suits anytime and any occasion, at weddings, engagements, Valentine’s Day, parties, birthdays or even everyday, this ring will always give you a great look and you will always be fashionable.

60-day money back guarantee for any non-artificial factors.

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