Front Side Lines Classic White Deluxe Package White Dangle Earrings Selena Jewelry



Original product of Selena Jewelry (brand of Japan). Since the product quality meets the strict standards of Selena Jewelry, you can definitely enjoy the product for a long time.

Yellow gold-tone stainless-steel hoop earrings with enamel on surface; material: stainless-steel with real gold plating K14GP

Size of earrings: Inside diameter – 14mm; outside diameter – 17mm; width of front side – 3.0mm; thickness – 1.5mm; color variations: Red Orange or Classic White

Our Packaging Method All packages are original by Selena Jewelry. There are two packaging methods. You can choose from the variations below:

Standard package poach + Genuine certificate; Deluxe package box + Genuine certificate + Carrier bag. For gifts, please select Deluxe package.

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