Best Friend Bracelets Claire’S Bonaluna My Wish MOM Mantra 6mm Pink Color Stone Meditation



It is a bracelet for all the great mothers of the world. If you want to grow up as a mother yourself, Or for your beloved mother, please choose this bracelet. It is a bracelet made of mom mantra on ceramics, pink colored gemstone and metal ball plated in 2 layers.

With the mantra, there is a flower of life ceramic ball, which means constant creation and expansion, and a metal pendant with an OM pattern that gives you the energy of the universe. It reminds you what you want to accomplish and helps you get closer.

For Size, After measuring your wrist, If you’re under 6.25 inch, Pls choose S/M. If you’re over 6.25 inch, Pls select M/L. If you’re 6.25~6.30 inch, You can choose both as per your preferred fit.

For Mantra, We marked letters and patterns on the ceramics by hand and do glazed process by heat. Because all work is done by hand. the position of the writing may not be central exactly. For Metal Ball, It’s nickel & leads free gold plated on the brass metal ball in order to prevent discoloration, 2 layers plating and surface coating processes were done, however in order to use it for a long time, Pls avoid contact with water. Pls do not wear it when you exercise with a lot of sweat or shower.

This bracelet is composed with a mantra card. It is recommended as a gift for family, friends and lovers. Design Copyright by Bonaluna. 100% guarantee of quality & dissatisfaction.

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